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Gary Dickins was born in London in 1962 and moved to Somerset in 1972.

In 2004, Dickins started working from a shared studio space in the Blackdown Hills in East Devon. Since 2010 when Dickins constructed a purpose built studio in his garden, he now works at his home in Somerset..

As a self-taught artist Dickins has developed a unique style of contemporary painting from the use of found materials. Handmade paper, canvas, earth, fungi, stitching, paint, textiles, rusting metal, anything…. these are combined to create a body of dramatic, powerful and continually evolving work.

Dickins’ work invites you - the viewer - to stop, engage and reflect upon both the world around you and your role in maintaining a civil society. It bears witness to the civilian victims of contemporary war. The imagery is a memorial to the lives of loved ones lost.

Dickins says: "The inspiration of a new idea; the influence of an image, a piece of text, a rough sketch......... no work starts the same way. The process of creating, assembling, gluing and stitching; the utilisation of everyday materials and the final framing and closure of a piece of work......... these all bring to me a welcome release in an increasingly pressurised and frenetic society".